Our History

Hello! We are a family of athletes, passionate about creativity and nature ... One day we dream of providing original products to our colleagues and athletes around the world, as a means of raising awareness and alternative to contribute from our capacities to caring for the environment and that they will overcome the expectations of design, originality and performance in quality and resistance, to function in their sports. They have been 6 wonderful years of joys and goals achieved, where we have materialized the dreams of each person who has come to us and feel proud of the experiences and sensations that we can transmit. In our beginnings and for several years we called ourselves TROOM - reach your dream, for various eventualities we renamed ourselves and from now on we will take the name - Swim your dream - a name with which we feel 100% identified and happy to have it, we want to be part of the universe of dreams of each one of you and that you are part of this great dream, project and company that we now have.

Luisa - Matias - Jhony

Sep 2020

Our Mission

We are a company located in the city of Pereira - Colombia, which designs and markets sportswear, we rely on creative and personalized processes, to achieve this we permanently interact with people who want to have a experience with our products; Through our garments we make people feel identified with what they use and inspired to responsible consumption, using ecological garments of high quality and durability; our value chain is based on contributing to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals. OUR BRAND PURPOSE Our purpose is


through environmentally and socially sustainable production processes, and to sensitize our clients towards responsible consumption.

We work to reduce solid waste from garments in stock, we use ecological materials, our prints do not require the use of water and we offer decent and equal wages to our employees.

We want to be a company that takes care of the Planet at all stages of our products .